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Team Tidy Cleaning Services is a company that is extremely well-aware of the challenges and demands to keep a space immaculately clean and welcoming in more than one way by providing competent and expertly-tailored cleaning services:







We are flexible with our services and if you do not find the service you need in the list why not call us – we will be happy to help with all your cleaning needs.


Domestic cleaning is a service we strive to provide in most professional and reliable manner.

We pay attention to details and our cleaners are trained to follow the steps of professional cleaning in order to achieve outstanding results at all times. Our List of Duties is comprehensive and compiled throughout our extensive experience in the field of cleaning.

Cleaners are available to work on the same day of your call to us depending on the time of your contact. Your cleaning requests could be handled immediately by our highly motivated cleaners in the Greater London area.

Our domestic cleaning services are carried out by well-trained, experienced and highly motivated cleaners who are undergoing full vetting procedure and comprehensive interviews backed-up with all the relevant documents.

All our cleaners are committed to deliver fast, efficient and consistent quality services at all times. The safety of our clients’ personal or professional space is an utmost priority for every member of our staff, so we extensively train our cleaners to follow the security measures to scrutiny with no exception.


These services are designed to suit a wide range of clients such as landlords, estate and letting agencies, tenants etc. Whether you are vacating a property as a tenant or moving in at a new accommodation we are available to bring the property to the desired standards either to meet the exceptionally strict check-out inventory lists of the letting agencies and safe the return of your deposit or to offer your property in an immaculate condition to achieve the best possible rent we are working to deliver professional results at all times.

The duration of this cleaning session is required to be a minimum of 4 hours.


Spring cleaning or one-off cleaning services are also considered as seasonal or cleaning for special occasions.

Your specific requirements will be carefully assessed and a customised quotation will be prepared according to the size of the property, alongside your individual demands.

The duration of this cleaning session requires at least 4 hours service.


Our regular domestic cleaning services are available as a daily, weekly and fortnightly service /particular time and day of the week to suit client’s needs/.

We do customise our regular domestic cleaning service to suit each individual client’s requirements and cleaners are happy to follow client’s List of Duties should enough time be allowed for each particular property according to its size.

When you book a regular domestic cleaning with us we will choose a cleaner for you according to your requirements and cleaner’s availability in your area and the time and day you prefer the cleaner to start – talk to our friendly, experienced customer service advisors and discuss all your cleaning expectations – they will advise you on the duration of the visit suitable according to the size of the property and availability of the cleaners on your chosen day and preferred time; your rights and obligations; how the paper work will be organized or any queries you might have.

Once the cleaner is at your home you can discuss all your cleaning requirements and expectations and for a peace of mind give instructions to the cleaner regarding:

Disposing of the rubbish - different boroughs use different waste disposal policies /including recycling.

Laundry - show the cleaner how your equipment works, which washing/drying programmes you prefer in order to utilize the time and have sufficient supply of washing products of your choice; put on your List of Duties if you prefer tumble dry or hanging out the laundry and where to be hang out to dry.

Using the electrical outlets - if you make your cleaner aware which electrical outlets are not supposed to be used or can be used but it is made sure the equipment is plugged in back and if there is a special equipment plugged in that is due to stay that way - this simple instruction would save a lot of frustration and disappointment for all parties involved.

Pets - cleaners are usually pet friendly and would not mind working around pets, but many pets have special habits and cleaners should be aware of their presence in advance.

Alarm Entry Systems - in case of alarm systems installed, the access code should be submitted to the cleaner and the client is to make sure the cleaner has understood and remembered how to operate the system properly.

If the Client chooses to submit a key to the cleaner, a Key Holding Induction is obligatory and a Key Holding Policy Note will be signed by the cleaner particularly for each address.

The Agency will need to know in advance if the Client chooses this free of charge service as a Client Reference Number will be issued and it will be attached to the Client’s keys as the policy does not allow anything else that might be associated with this address to be attached to the keys.


Our steam cleaning services are executed by specially trained professionals to assure the highest quality standards and to be well prepared to tackle all kinds of stains and situations.

Our carpet cleaners are experienced and highly motivated to achieve the best results at each challenge and they have proven to be extremely effective.

The system of steam cleaning insures that it will efficiently remove stains, dust and allergens from the carpet without using excessive moisture to assure fast and spotless drying of the carpet.

The carpet cleaners will assess the nature of any stain and will use their extensive knowledge to treat it the right way for outstanding results.

Our professional carpet cleaning services are combined with our general cleaning services for a piece of mind and exceptional results.

We specialize in both commercial and domestic carpet cleaning with competitive and reasonable prices.


Upholstered furniture could benefit immensely from occasional or regular professional upholstery cleaning. TeaMtidy is using the latest methods and equipment, combined with our experienced upholstery cleaners who can ensure capable approach in using the most appropriate products.


All our cleaners are experiences at ironing and will offer this service at additional time and at the same price as the cleaning price charged per hour. Hanging wet laundry and folding dry clothes is usually part of the standard tidy up service if enough time is allowed.


We know how important first impressions are for your business image and this starts at the footsteps of your office. A clean, neat and tidy surrounding tells a lot to your potential clients and business partners. Positive business decisions are likely to be achieved faster in clutter free atmosphere and we are ready to contribute towards this, offering a flexible, reliable and efficient cleaning services.

We can provide high quality cleaning for your office, business premises of various types and sizes. We can be flexible in terms of time – the cleaning process could be arranged in the morning before operating hours or in the evening after work.

You can provide the cleaning products and equipment or you can leave it to us.

Our cleaning services vary according to the size and type of business premises you trust us to serve and we take into consideration all your special requirements.

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