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1.1. By getting into Agreement with Team Tidy Cleaning Services for any type of domestic or business cleaning services the Customer agrees with agency’s established procedures.

1.2. The customer acknowledges they are customers to Team Tidy and agrees NOT to inflict willingly and deliberately any losses to the business by trying to solicit into private cleaning service any of the cleaners introduced by Team Tidy or recommend their services directly to other parties without prior knowledge and consent of Team Tidy.

1.3. The customer accepts Team Tidy’s effort, time and financial input into the business of organizing, insuring, training and approving cleaning operatives and agrees not to engage any cleaner introduced by Team Tidy for a period of 12 months after the cancellation of Agreement.

1.4. Team Tidy reserves the right to seek damages in the small court from both the customer and the cleaner for getting into such partnerships.


2.1. All customers, who signed Team Tidy’s Agency Agreement, are entitled to benefit from comprehensive public liability insurance.

2.2. Team Tidy’s accidental damage insurance is subject to an excess of £250.00 and excludes damages caused by abrasives and/or corrosives used upon clients’ demand.

2.3. Team Tidy does not provide cover for accidental damage for the first £250.00 of any loss. Customers are advised to obtain insurance to cover such loss on their own.

3.Key Holding

3.1. Team Tidy does not take responsibility for lost or stolen keys and damages arisen from key holding by the operatives unless notified prior to key submission.

3.2. Team Tidy has a procedure of Key Holding should the customer decided to use this free of charge service.

3.3. Cleaners pass a Key Holding Induction and sign a Key Holding Policy Note.

3.4. In case of emergency / the customer looses keys and the only spare one is held by the cleaner / Team Tidy should be notified immediately. Team Tidy does not take any responsibility for damages or misunderstanding if the cleaner is dealt with directly.

3.5. At termination of Agreement the returning of the keys is arranged at exchange of outstanding balance.

3.6. In case of immediate termination the keys are returned by ordinary post and Team Tidy does not take responsibility for lost keys.

3.7. In case of cancellations with immediate effect a ‘return keys only’ visit is not arranged.

3.8. In the rare case of lost keys by Team Tidy’s operative immediate replacement of the locks at company’s expense is arranged by professional locksmith. The replaced locks become property of Team Tidy. Should the customer decides to use a locksmith of their choice no reimbursement will be offered by Team Tidy.

4.Agency Agreement

4.1. Signing Agency Agreement serves insurance, security and administrative purposes.

4.2. The Agency Agreement is a written permission for the cleaner to enter customers' properties and hold keys if required.

4.3. NOT signing Agency Agreement does not exempt the customer from following the standard procedures, practices and payment while the cleaning services are rendered.

5. Prices

6.1. Payment is expected after each cleaning by:
- cheque – payable to Team Tidy and given to the cleaner.

- standing order - NO termination of standing order mandate should take place in case of holidays or missed/cancelled cleaning. Team Tidy organizes reimbursements for the missed cleaning visits.

- cash - exact amount should be left, tips should be clearly stated as such. Change cannot always be available.
6.2. The customer is required to advise either the cleaner or the Agency if there will be missed cleaning dates sufficiently in advance so the cleaner is allocated to another temporary assignment and does not lose wages. Cancellation less than 24 hours before the scheduled cleaning will be charged at the standard rate.


7.1. Complaints connected to poor standard of cleaning will entitle the customer to one re-cleaning visit and not reimbursement of payment under careful consideration of individual circumstances – size of the property, duration of cleaning visit, adequate cleaning supplies availability, special requirements put into writing beforehand, etc.

7.2. Cleaners are not allowed to use any chemicals with abrasive or corrosive properties. TeaM Tidy does not accept liability for damages due to use of such products at customers’ requests!

7.3. Cleaners are not allowed to use pieces of furniture to reach high up places like the top of the wardrobe, ceilings or high windows and small step ladder should be supplied. Damages arisen from such requests will not be accepted as liability and do not comply with the Health and Safety stipulations.

7.4. Team Tidy does not accept liability for any fines, charges or penalties incurred due to improper rubbish disposal if specific, written instructions are not given beforehand.

7.5. Team Tidy does not accept liability for damaged clothing, fabrics, etc. if detailed, written instructions on laundry arrangements are not submitted prior to starting the services.

7.6. Team Tidy does not accept liability for switched off electrical goods and the consequences of this action if there are no clear, written instructions on this matter.

7.7. Team Tidy does not take responsibility for any damages due to faulty alarm systems operation unless Team Tidy holds a written copy with clear and detailed operational instructions.

8. Initial Interview with the Cleaner

8.1. Cleaners are available to introduce themselves early in the morning at the start of the services.

8.2. Introduction only visits at customers’ convenient day and time is charged at £10.00 to cover travel expenses.

8.3. Cleaners should be shown where the cleaning products, materials and equipment are stored. Apart from that they are not allowed to open any other cupboards or storage places, unless otherwise stated.