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Welcome to our frequently asked questions page!

1. Which areas do you cover?

- We cover the whole of London.

2. What happens if I move house?

- If your new address is in London we will be happy if you choose to continue using our services.

3. What happens if I go on holiday for a certain period of time?

- You can continue using our services at the same terms and conditions.

4. What happens if my regular cleaner is absent?

- We are obliged to provide you with a substitute who is aware of all your personal requirements.

5. What happens if I decide to use a cleaning service while at work?

- Most of our clients prefer that way for less disruption and intrusion in their personal life and all our cleaners are undergoing stringent vetting procedures and are fully trained to follow the safety and security measures.

6. What happens if I have a pet?

- If we are aware of a pet presence we will find a cleaner who is happy to be around animals.

7. What happens if I need a cleaner at the weekend?

- Our services are offered 7 days a week at reasonable working hours and we do have highly motivated cleaners who would be happy to work extra hours at no additional rate.

8. What happens if I am not satisfied with my cleaner’ s performance?

- Such occasions have been extremely rare in our practise but if it happens for some reason we will either try to solve the problem or if you insist we can replace the cleaner with one who meets your demands.

9.Who is responsible for providing the cleaning products and equipment?

- It depends on the nature of the cleaning service we provide to you. If it is a general domestic cleaning service it is your responsibility to have basic cleaning equipment available. The products are also at your choice, although our cleaners are trained to advise you on the best cleaning products for long-lasting results.

10.What next?

For free, no obligation quote, please contact us on: 020 880 345 24